“Homosexuality is a Choice” (Se dice de mi)

Being gay is a choice?
You think it is my choice?

To be gay is my decision,
Just an option, no precaution,
Sleep with men until exhaustion,
Just like dirty little sluts?
You think our brains are simply tainted,
Misguided and perverted,
With minds so corrupted,
Sticking dicks up in our butts?

Lay down with Adam, with Peter, or with John,
In bed together, and wake up right at dawn.
Will mark us winners,
And a prize as well.
Eternal damnation,
A ticket,
Straight to Hell?

Does that mean we chose,
To be discriminated ruthlessly,
Intimidated relentlessly,
And pushed until down we fell?

Systematically-selected to be shunned and be detested,
By the antiquated hatred in this world.
Constant threats of death and beatings and some may even throw things,
Nimbly dodging, once our rainbow flag’s unfurled?

Oh what a life
This truly is,
And just because of who we kiss!
What kind of man cannot resist
A cursed life so grand as this?

Forget respect, we’re over it.
We’ll take the hit and cry and sit.
Of course I kid about it all,
Sarcastic wit’s the wherewithal!
To disagree with your guess,
It’s the only way to stress,
That the answer all along is “No.”

And yet they still talk.
But they won’t ever say,

“Homosexuality’s found in nature,
Part of Earth’s own legislature,
And it’s not just some fiendish made-up ploy.”
Born this way, it’s all genetics,
Not cosmetic or synthetic,
Like a useless plastic toy.
It’s not at all infectious, like a disease.
You won’t shiver, or shake, or sneeze.

What crimes have we committed,
For simply being gay?
Aside, of course, for looking fabulous,
While wearing a beret?

You say that you’re enlightened.
To me, you’re mad and frightened.
Concerned with who we have sex with,

We just want to love each other, and spend time with one another,
Swear we wouldn’t be a bother, yes it’s true.
This isn’t something that you choose, believe it all, we’re not confused.
I’m really sorry that our views displeases you.

While being gay is not a choice,
There is a fact I’d like to voice.
It’s not for you to rejoice,
For it may sound a lot like noise.

When you throw sludge,
Then smear and smudge,
Unfairly judge,
When things won’t budge.
Don’t feel so bad when asked with sass,
If you really choose to be an ass.
Because, of course, the answer will not be “No.”


Does My Sexuality Affect My Identity as a College Student?

This isn’t rhetorical. I’m currently thinking about this for a class project. My English class requires us to design a verbal/visual argument about an aspect about our identity as a college student by creating a doll box. We’re supposed to add possible accessories, create ads, write “On sale” or “Limited Edition!” on the front and sides. We get to design the doll itself too.

I wanted to do something about being gay in college, but I can’t really think of anything that affected me. UMBC is a very LGBT-friendly school. Even after I came out, friends who had originally said nasty things about homosexuals came up to me and apologized for anything they said that may have offended me. It certainly doesn’t affect my grades, that’s ruled by my inability to procrastinate efficiently. There’s also no effect on who I associate with. If you like Pokemon, you’re in. If you like pasta, come on over. If you like rowing, join me! I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, or slightly curved to the left, you’re all my friends now.
Then again, maybe I can argue that being gay doesn’t affect me as a student. Maybe I can say that people expect gay people to be partying all the time, and having sex with each other so much that they don’t do any work and they’re spreading AIDS like a middle school rumor. I’ve seen many homosexual men and women graduate and lead amazing lives as they traveled the world, get married, and have great jobs, but I see straight people do the same thing.

Well, no matter how I frame that argument, I’ll make the box look like a walk-in closet. If I can make my professor laugh, then that’s an A in my book.

What do you think?